Why I Write

Years ago when we moved across country, I used to give reports about the foibles of my life and new home in a new medium called e-mail.  I got encouragement from family members saying I ought to write.

The local newspaper was still a decent size back then and a handful around the community wrote columns.  I was especially inspired by one person who always wrote about his dog and told basically the same jokes.  The motivation that I could do at least as well as him spurred me on to give column writing a try.

I talked to the editor and got started.  I was trying to find my voice.  I tried being funny.  I tried being sweet.  I tried being thoughtful.  I even put in some fiction (you’re really not supposed to do that in a newspaper column).  I was all over the map.

I then delved into political opinion.  You know, taking a bold stand for “our side”.  My tribe gave me a lot of atta-boys but I had a growing feeling that I was going into a direction that was probably not a fit for me.  My words became harsher, more dogmatic, more alienating, and I found myself more triggered and unhappy.  I think I was just adding to the din.

I dropped out because it was just becoming unsustainable.  I didn’t have the energy nor the drive.  Further, the internet was eating newspaper’s lunches and the local paper reduced its size to about a match book.

Further, circumstances dictated that I needed to work on my life and better support those around me.

Lately, many experiences and humiliations later, I thought that there might be time to step into this world again.  But I’m different now.  My wishful fantasy to be some sort of recognized published author has long departed.  I can write for others hoping to give them a chuckle or perhaps an insight from my experience.  I lost the need  or even the desire to grind an ax.

People and places are kept anonymous though I realize those who know me may pick up on certain references.  This way it will be less likely to be construed as an attack on someone specific and I have a small amount of liberty to embellish a story.

I am likely embarking on another blog that no one reads.  That is OK.  I’m doing this mainly for me – serving others so I can stay healthy.  If you get blessed or helped by anything I say, that would be good, too.

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